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Art Domantay is a fully-outfitted installation consultant, with 25 years experience implementing large-scale works by established artists such as Taryn Simon, Mike Nelson, Kara Walker, and Anne Hamilton.

“My clients approach me with unique needs, and they rely on my insight in their discovery phase to guide the selection and manipulation of unconventional materials that solve their novel design problems.  Most of these imposing artworks use formidable mediums...

- 80 tons of white sand given the appearance of 80,000 tons.
- 5 tons of styrofoam made to look like 100,000-tons of sugar.
- 60 tons of real sugar, liquified.
- 350 tons of concrete cast into towering acoustic silos.
- 2,000 pigeons with synchronized light-up ankle bracelets.
- 10,000 building-grade bricks grown with mushroom roots.

My clients rely on my insight to hire skilled labor, acquire the right equipment, build an efficient workflow for installation, to know how to maintenance their artworks throughout lengthy exhibitions, to know what to do when it’s time for work to be moved or destroyed, and to get the project completed on time and within budget.

Quickly executing these nuanced tasks is important, but the key feature of my work is being an efficient conduit between artist and contractor.  I invite the entire crew to see the work through the lens of the artist, and I encourage input and adjustments from artists and labor alike, so as to cultivate a collaborative flow, which I find tends to speed-up the build and enhance the quality of the work.

It’s important to me that everyone enjoy the process of bringing good art into existence, so an amicable job-site is integral to the success of my projects. The camaraderie shared by the artists, coordinators, and contractors is maybe as important as the finished piece.”

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